Evotech Announces New tool – Evograver power sharpener

Sharp gravers are crucial to successful engraving and setting, and the Evograver Power sharpener provides jewellers with the ability to shape and sharpen their gravers easily and quickly. The kit comes with three diamond wheels, four sleeves and a Katway graver holder which ensures a precise angle every time. The perfect companion to the Evograver Combined Micromotor and Graver unit!

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Evotech Pacific introduces the XT Lasers 100W Laser Welder

Evotech Pacific are proud to announce the ultimate laser welder for the small workshop – The XT-100W. At such a small footprint of 510x300x280mm with a weight of 30kg, this welder will fit into the smallest workshop. But don’t let the size fool you – this compact welder packs a decent wallop!

Use either the microscope or the internal CCD Camera and front LCD panel to ensure precision when welding.

Contact us today for more info – Finance is available to approved applicants via KRW Finance.


Rated Power – 100W

Single-pulse energy – 40-60J

Power Supply – 220V,50Hz/60HZ

Laser Source ND:YAG

Laser Wavelength 1064nm

Pulse Width 0.1-15ms

Pulse Frequency 1-10Hz

Beam Diameter 0.1-3.0mm

Welding wire diameter 0.1-0.4mm 0.1-0.5mm 0.1-0.6mm

Observing System microscope + Colour CCD Camera

Chamber Illumination LED lamps

Parameters Memorization 10 groups

Protection Alert – Yes

Language Display – English

Shield Gas Supply One line quick connection(argon)

Cooling System Water chiller

Welding Chamber Dimensions 290mm x 160mm x 120mm (LxWxH)

Machine Dimensions 510mm x 300mm x 280mm (LxWxH)

Running Environment Tem 5°C-30°C, Hum 5%-75%

Weight – 30kg

Price – $8,150USD ex Freight/GST/Import Duties

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Evotech Pacific Launches new Website

After years of putting up with a clunky “Frankensite”, our new developers have streamlined and improved our website to reflect our professionalism. We hope you enjoy using the website as much as we do!

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Evotech Pacific Launches the Evograver

After approximately 5 months of testing and development, Evotech Pacific are proud to announce the release of the Evograver.

The Evograver is a combined micromotor and handgraving unit in one convenient, small package. The micromotor is a 35k rpm unit with 480gf/cm of torque. It also houses an inbuilt silent piston compressor for the graver component. Because of the in built compressor, there’s no need for an external compressor. Read more about the Evograver here;

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Epacquire Mk2 is launched

New development, better security and improved upload times have been the focus of the mk2 version of our online training website, Epacquire. Check out the latest developments by clicking on www.epacquire.com

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