About Evotech Pacific

Evotech Pacific began back in 2003, when bench jeweller, Anthony Nowlan, started researching alternative design and manufacturing techniques with a heavy focus on technology. This led to trips overseas to study these techniques with the aim to bring them back to demonstrate, train and support jewellers in Australia and New Zealand.

Starting off with the Gemvision range of technology for jewellers, Anthony found that jewellers in Australia and New Zealand were not only curious about the new technological software and hardware available, but many had the same hunger as he did for tools which would not only benefit the end customer but also provide the jeweller with a level of efficiency not available with traditional manufacturing techniques.

We are quite proud of our reputation within the Australian and New Zealand Jewellery industry as a company who have successfully trained over 2,000 jewellers to date with various software and hardware solutions.

Company History


Incorporation and partnership with Gemvision USA

Evotech Pacific begins life as Evolution Jewellers. Research into tooling finds the Gemvision range of technology solutions and results in training trips to the USA.

First Service Bureau Service from Evotech

Evotech Pacific begin its first service bureau and offer a design service to Australian and New Zealand Jewellers.

Major Equipment purchases

Evotech Pacific offers a model service bureau to the jewellery industry with the purchase of a Solidscape T66 and Revo 540B Mill.

First Evotech Training Centre and more equipment

Evotech Pacific opens its first training centre in Brisbane. Evotech Pacific purchases its first Laser Engraver and offers a new laser engraving service to the jewellery industry.

Partnership with Asiga

Evotech Pacific become partners with Asiga and offer the range of Asiga 3D printers to the jewellery industry

Online Training Portal R&D

Research and development of Evotech Pacific’s Online training portal, Epacquire begins.

Release of Epacquire

Epacquire, our Online Training Portal is launched. Research into laser welding technology and 3D scanning technology begins.

Partnership with XT Lasers

Evotech Pacific announces new partnership with XT Lasers and begins distributing XT Lasers welders and engraving units.

Evotech Pacific begins a strategic partnership with Thunk 3D Scanners and begins distributing its own brand of 3D scanner – the Evolight 3D Scanner.

Evotech Pacific complete testing and development of the Evograver – our combined micromotor and graving unit in one.


New Partnership with Italian company ProLaser

Evotech Pacific were selected as the preferred partner for Australia and New Zealand to distribute the ProLaser Easy Range of Laser Welders

Partnership with Red Technology

Evotech Pacific becomes the preferred supplier of Red Technology Laser Engraving equipment

Engage with Evotech Pacific

Evotech Pacific is directed by Anthony Nowlan. When you engage with Evotech Pacific, you’re not only engaging with Anthony, but an entire team of support technicians from many different companies across the globe.

Evotech Pacific have the advantage of close ties with the following tech support divisions;

  • Gemvision
  • Asiga
  • XT Lasers
  • Thunk 3D
  • ProLaser
  • Red Technology