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About Evotech Pacific

Evotech Pacific: A Family Legacy in Jewellery Innovation

Evotech Pacific’s story began in 2003 when Anthony Nowlan, a skilled bench jeweller, set out on a journey to explore fresh approaches to jewellery design and manufacturing, with a keen eye on technological advancements. This pursuit led him on trips abroad to study these techniques, with a vision to bring them back home to share, educate, and support jewellery artisans in Australia and New Zealand.

Our adventure started with the introduction of Gemvision technology to the region, as Anthony discovered a shared enthusiasm among jewellers for cutting-edge software and hardware. Together, we all recognized the potential of these tools to not only enhance the final product for our customers but also to streamline the jewellery manufacturing process beyond traditional methods.

Today, Evotech Pacific proudly stands as a trusted name in the jewellery industry, having successfully trained over 2,000 jewellers in Australia and New Zealand. What makes our journey even more special is that it’s a multi-generational endeavour. We’ve expanded our team, welcoming Anthony’s wife, Vikki, and his two daughters, Tayla and Hannah, into the fold. This evolution reflects our commitment to weaving a family legacy into our business, ensuring that the expertise and passion for jewellery innovation are passed down through the generations.

So whether you’re a seasoned jeweller or just starting your journey in this craft, Evotech Pacific is not just a company; it’s a family-driven enterprise dedicated to shaping the future of jewellery craftsmanship.

Company History


BenchPros Founded

Evotech Pacific was thrilled to unveil its latest service, BenchPros, a dedicated jewellery repairs service partner.

With an indepth understanding of challenges faced by jewellers and jewellery stores when it comes to managing overflow or lacking an onsite jeweller. The Evotech Pacifc team wanted to fill a gap in the market and lend a helping hand to not only exisiting clients but those needing a helping hand to keep business running smoothly.


Partnership with Red Technology & Otec

Evotech Pacific becomes the preferred supplier of Red Technology Laser Engraving equipment and Otec Finishing Systems in Australia and New Zealand

Introduction of Laser Engraving and Welding Equipment

Evotech Pacific begins distributing Lasers welders and engraving units.

Evotech Pacific begins a strategic partnership with Thunk 3D Scanners and begins distributing its own brand of 3D scanner ā€“ the Evolight 3D Scanner.


New Partnership with Italian company ProLaser

Evotech Pacific were selected as the preferred partner for Australia and New Zealand to distribute the ProLaser Easy Range of Laser Welders

Research and Development into Laser Engraving and Laser Welding Equipment

Research into laser welding technology and 3D scanning technology begins.

Online Training Portal R&D

Research and development of Evotech Pacificā€™s Online training portal, Epacquire begins.

Partnership with Asiga

Evotech Pacific become partners with Asiga and offer the range of Asiga 3D printers to the jewellery industry

First Evotech Training Centre and more equipment

Evotech Pacific opens its first training centre in Brisbane. Evotech Pacific purchases its first Laser Engraver and offers a new laser engraving service to the jewellery industry.

Major Equipment purchases

Evotech Pacific offers a model service bureau to the jewellery industry with the purchase of a Solidscape T66 and Revo 540B Mill.

First Service Bureau Service from Evotech

Evotech Pacific begin its first service bureau and offer a design service to Australian and New Zealand Jewellers.

Incorporation and partnership with Gemvision USA

Evotech Pacific begins life as Evolution Jewellers. Research into tooling finds the Gemvision range of technology solutions and results in training trips to the USA.