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Asiga have appointed Evotech Pacific as official resellers of the Asiga range of 3D printers and accessories for Australia.

As the creators of precision desktop 3D printers, Asiga, continue to offer precision, high quality surface finish and product innovations which have been design to outperform many other 3D printers in a higher price range.

About Asiga

In 2011, Asiga launched the world’s first LED based DLP 3D printer and started the affordable desktop stereolithography revolution which changed digital manufacturing forever.

Asiga won MJSA’s 2012 Thinking Ahead Awards for best new technology and gained international recognition for the innovations contained within the Pico and Pro platforms that continue to lead their respective categories to this day.

Asiga designs and manufactures all products at its Sydney headquarters. Asiga’s in house mechanical, electronics, software and materials team ensures a high and constant level of innovation and product development and improvement.

Asiga MAX-X

Flexible precision. The MAX X is Asiga’s highest resolution jewelry production system with a re-configurable resolution of 27, 35 or 43 microns.

SPS™ Smart-Positioning-System Technology

Asiga’s unique SPS™ process guarantees every model layer is formed accurately in minimal time, making the MAX ideal for medical device manufacturing where precision is critical.

Asiga PRO 4K

The PRO 4K utilizes the latest DLP imaging technology to achieve the largest print envelope in our range.


Industry Proven Performance

Precision, reliability and speed for the most demanding production applications.

The Latest 4K DLP Imaging Technology

Coupled with custom engineered optics for precision pixel placement.

4K Super Fast Print Mode

Using pixel shifting technology, Asiga’s 4K mode reduces the pixel size to increase part accuracy and resolution without impacting build area or printing time. See specification tab for pixel sizing.


Proprietary Layering Processes

Repeatable precision with Asiga’s proven Process Monitoring Technologies – SPS, Internal Radiometer, precise material curing.

SPS™ Smart-Positioning-System Technology

Asiga’s unique SPS™ process guarantees every layer is formed accurately. Accurate layer formation is the key to achieving consistently accurate results in any production environment.

« SPS™ – How it Works


The Asiga range of 3D printers are user friendly and easy to set up. A copy of the Composer software accompanies all Asiga 3D printers, and Asiga offer free and lifetime technical support for the Asiga range of 3D printers.

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