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Committed to making CAD/CAM profitable and easy to use, CounterSketch International was designed for jewellers to use with customers on the sales floor. With CounterSketch International, even a casual computer user can be a major player in today’s new custom jewellery world. Considering that the manual for Countersketch International is 1⁄10 the size of Matrix®; this gives you a good idea of how much easier. CounterSketch International is to learn and use.

Design With Customers.
Whether a jeweller uses the style quiz to break the ice or hands the mouse over to a customer, CounterSketch provides a pressure-free shopping experience to browse the virtual inventory at a pace that suits them.

With more than a thousand styles in the collections packed full of everything needed to design bridal, remounts, family jewellery, pendants, earrings, and more, it’s all there to assist your customer in locating a design that matches his customer’s needs. Using the process of elimination, your customers can speed up the time it takes to find a model. Then, they can focus on the important details. Personalizing the design. Making subtle changes. Adding completely new elements. The power is in their hands.

What is new in Countersketch International

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