Asiga – PICO2HD 3D printer



Bringing unsurpassed surface smoothness and part definition to your desktop. Creating a new era of 3D printing resolution and precision.

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It’s a Match Like No Other

Asiga’s SAS™ technology and true HD imaging resolution, the results are incredible. Surface smoothness like you have never seen before.

Animation that illustrates the SAS technology

SAS™ Slide-And-Separate Technology

Asiga’s revolutionary SAS™ process achieves the lowest fabrication forces of any upside-down stereolithography system, resulting in minimal support structures and extraordinary accuracy.

« SAS™ – How it Works

See for Yourself

You decide. Extraordinary resolution with a big build envelope giving performance like no other 3D printer on the market. True to CAD print resolution ensuring part accuracy and minimal finishing.

Open Material System

Print with any suitable material from any material manufacturer. Your choice, no strings.

Simple & Fast Material Changeover

The fastest material change over than any other product on the market. Complete in under 30 seconds.

  1. Squeeze Build Tray handles to release tray & remove.
  2. Insert new tray & clamp.
  3. Done. Start print job.

Hearingaid Shell

World Class Engineering

All Asiga 3D printers are developed, tested and assembled in-house ensuring unparalleled quality and reliability.

Work-flow Guaranteed

Connect effortlessly via Wifi and print independently with an onboard PC and local storage for hundreds of builds.

100% Confidence

We are so confident in our products that we offer Lifetime unlimited technical support, free of charge.

Affordable Digital Manufacturing

It’s something Asiga invented and we strive to be one step ahead.

Poseidon Ring

Credits: CustomCAD4You

Pico2 HD logo 27

Pico2 HD logo 37

Build Size X, Y, Z 52 × 29 × 76 mm 71 × 40 × 76 mm
Pixel Size X, Y 27 µm 37 µm
Print Speed 40 mm/h 40 mm/h
Z Control 1 µm 1 µm
Light Source 405 nm UV LED 405 nm UV LED
Material System Open Open
File Inputs STL, SLC & Stomp STL, SLC & Stomp
Software Asiga Composer included Asiga Composer included
Network Compatibility Wifi and Ethernet Wifi and Ethernet
Industry Sectors Microfluidics, Dental, Jewelry Dental, Jewelry, Audiology
System Size 26 × 38 × 51 cm 26 × 38 × 51 cm
System Weight 23 kg 23 kg
Packaged Size 95 × 56 × 50 cm 95 × 56 × 50 cm
Power 12 VDC 10A 12 VDC 10A
RRP (USD) $11,990 $11,990


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