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925BACK Complete Doming, Dapping, Forming & Shaping Kit


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Product description

The Complete Doming, Dapping, Forming & Shaping Kit is a comprehensive and versatile toolset designed for professional jewellery makers and metalsmiths. This set includes a variety of essential components to aid in precision forming and shaping of metals for jewellery crafting.

The kit offer 56 pieces featuring a sturdy horn anvil with a stable base, ensuring a solid foundation for working on delicate pieces. The 2.5″ swage block and punch set offers six unique sides, each equipped with 22 different grooves, allowing for intricate and diverse metal bending and shaping.

To further enhance the forming capabilities, the set comes with ten cylindrical forming rods ranging in sizes from 2mm to 24mm, providing options for various diameter requirements. Additionally, a triangular angled forming rod at 45 degrees adds to the versatility of the kit, making it suitable for more specialized designs.

For doming applications, the set includes a set of 36 doming punches, each neatly organized in a storage block with sizes clearly marked for easy identification. This feature ensures precision and accuracy in creating domed shapes of different dimensions.

The kit also offers five square forming rods in sizes 2mm to 6mm, perfect for crafting jewellery with square-shaped elements.

Overall, the kit is an indispensable toolset, providing jewellers with the means to create intricate and exquisite metal jewellery pieces with ease and precision.

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Tool Steel & Timber


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