CounterSketch International – Day 2 – (Morning)


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DAY 2 – LECTURE 1 – 8am – 12pm

Counter Sketch International – Follow The Herd. Or Hunt It – Lecture Room 1

Lecturer – Matt Bennett – Gemvision


Take your Freehand Skills to the next level. Learn tips, tricks and best practices when working with Freehand. This seminar will cover enhancing designs from the library with Freehand elements and creating your own designs from scratch. We will cover creating custom parts both in CounterSketch and import them from other sources. Export designs and prepare them for 3D printing in Matrix.

Integrating Stuller Showcase into your website will also be covered.


● Showcase integration with users website

● Freehand Best Practices

○ Tips and Tricks

○ Creating user parts in Freehand

● Freehand From Scratch

○ Pintrest to Freehand

○ Cage Ring

● Matrix/Rhino->CounterSketch

● CounterSketch->Matrix

○ Mesh Repair

○ 3D printing tools

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