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Herkules White Label Saw Blades



Product description

Herkules White Label Jeweller’s saw blades are among the finest on Earth. Made in Germany, they are specifically intended for cutting harder metals, like die steel for blanking dies. Which means they last noticeably longer in softer metals like silver and gold. They are also the only line of saw blades that goes all the way down to 10/0.

These are 130mm (5.125″) jeweller’s blades. They fit all of our saws except the coping saw.

For the jewellers: these are the blades you want.  Prices listed are per dozen blades.



Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Saw Blade Gauge

0/0 Gauge, 2/0 Gauge, 3/0 Gauge, 4/0 Gauge, 6/0 Gauge, 8/0 Gauge, 10/0 Gauge


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