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Knew Concepts Tilting Dovetail Adapter


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Product description

Our American made Tilting Dovetail Adapter system goes in-between your dovetail tools and the anchor point. It allows you to tilt any dovetail system tool up to 45 degrees to either side.

The primary uses for the Tilting Dovetail Adapter

It allows you to tilt your bench pin to the side so that you can either file more comfortably See image, or look past the frame of your saw when sawing under a microscope.

Another use is for hand cutting blanking dies

Blanking dies are best cut with a guided sawframe like our Precision Saw Guide, but for small quantities of dies for limited numbers of parts, hand cut dies can provide satisfactory service.

Adjustable tilt angle

The Tilting Adapter comes with a setting knob to quickly adjust the tilt angle to 6 preset angles appropriate to a variety of die and blade combinations. Without using the presetting knob, it will adjust to any angle up to 45 degrees either way.

Tilts any dovetail system tool

The advantage to it for either use is that you can use any dovetail system bench pin, such as our Stainless Steel Bench Pin See image, or any of GRS’ wooden or aluminum bench pins. The Tilting Adapter will allow you to tilt any GRS dovetail system tool, for any reason you like.


Additional information

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Dimensions 29 × 24 × 5 cm


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