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Asiga MAX X 3D Printer

Flexible precision. The MAX X is Asiga’s highest definition 3D printer with a re-configurable resolution of 27, 35 or 43 microns, and provides the jeweller with the ultimate detail definition and surface smoothness for manufacturing jewellery models.

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Asiga Materials

The ultimate jewellery casting resin offering reliable casting results under many different burn-out strategies.

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Evolight 3D Scanner

3D Scanners are fast becoming the next essential tech tool for jewellers who already utilise 3D products such as CAD and 3D printers.

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Evograver Combined Micromotor and Graver Unit

Our latest tech tool for jewellers is our Evograver combined Micromotor and AirGraver unit. Featuring a 35k micromotor and an internal silent compressor for hand graver, this versatile tool will assist jewellers seeking a tool to assist in engraving, setting and sanding/polishing.

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ProLaser Welder Easy

Laser welding uses an amplified beam of light to produce a solid weld with an almost invisible seam in seconds. It sounds complicated but is really quite simple. Laser welding uses a specific wavelength of light to accomplish the welding process.

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Red Technology L3 Magic Jewellery Laser Engraver

Laser engraving is done by means of an optically amplified beam of light that delivers energy to the surface of the material being cut. A high percentage of the light energy is converted into heat.

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