Meet our new tool - Evograver

Our latest tech tool for jewellers is our Evograver combined Micromotor and AirGraver unit. Featuring a 35k micromotor and an internal silent compressor for hand graver, this versatile tool will assist jewellers seeking a tool to assist in engraving, setting and sanding/polishing.


Specs are as follows;

  • Dimensions – 220 x 120 x 180mm
  • Net weight – 4kg
  • Micromotor = 35,000rpm – Torque – 480gf/cm
  • Internal Silent Compressor
  • Graver tubing diameter – 4mm

Price – $1,600AUD ex GST/Freight


  • 1 x Evograver unit
  • 1 x Micromotor Handpiece
  • 1 x Graver Hand piece
  • 1 x Footpedal
  • 1 x Hand Graver Bench Holder
  • 6 pce Tungsten Gravers

Got a GRS graver handpiece with a 6mm diameter tubing? We also have a step down connecting unit so you can continue using your GRS handpiece and GRS quick change gravers (contact us for more info).