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Meet Evograver - The Combined Micromotor/Graver unit

Introducing the Evograver Micromotor and Graver unit. This powerful and versatile tool is designed to assist jewellers with engraving, setting, and sanding/polishing. With its combination of a 35,000rpm micromotor and an internal silent compressor for hand graver, the Evograver provides the perfect solution for jewellers seeking a comprehensive tool for their craft.

The Evograver unit is compact and sturdy, measuring 220 x 120 x 180mm and weighing just 4kg. The micromotor boasts an impressive torque of 480gf/cm, providing ample power for even the most intricate engraving tasks. The graver tubing diameter is 4mm, making it suitable for a wide range of graver sizes.

The Evograver comes with everything you need to get started, including a micromotor handpiece, a graver handpiece, a foot pedal, a hand graver bench holder, and six tungsten gravers. Priced at $950USD, this is an affordable and practical tool for jewellers of all skill levels.

For those who already own a GRS styled graver handpiece with a 6mm diameter tubing, we have a step-down connecting unit that allows you to continue using your GRS styled handpiece and quick-change gravers. Contact us for more information on this useful accessory.

Upgrade your jewellery making toolkit today with the Evograver Micromotor and Graver unit.


Specs are as follows;

  • Dimensions – 220 x 120 x 180mm
  • Net weight – 4kg
  • Micromotor = 35,000rpm – Torque – 480gf/cm
  • Internal Silent Compressor
  • Graver tubing diameter – 4mm

Price – $950USD


  • 1 x Evograver unit
  • 1 x Micromotor Handpiece
  • 1 x Graver Hand piece
  • 1 x Footpedal
  • 1 x Hand Graver Bench Holder
  • 6 pce Tungsten Gravers

Got a GRS graver handpiece with a 6mm diameter tubing? We also have a step down connecting unit so you can continue using your GRS handpiece and GRS quick change gravers (contact us for more info).

Evograver Power Sharpener

Introducing the Evograver Power Sharpener

Perfect for keeping your gravers sharp and the ideal companion for the Evograver Combined Micromotor/Graver Unit.

The kit includes;
The Power Sharpener
3 x Diamond Wheels (240, 600, 1200 grit)
1 x Katway Dual Angle Graver holder
4 x Sleeves (90, 120, 240 & multi angle)
Specs Speed – 400 – 900RPM (clockwise and counter-clockwise)
Dimensions – 29 x 15 x 19cm
Weight – 13kg

Price – $750USD