Evolight 3D Scanner – Evotech Pacific

3D Scanners are fast becoming the next essential tech tool for jewellers who already utilise 3D products such as CAD and 3D printers. Some of the advantages of 3D scanners for jewellers include;

  • Reverse engineering of a physical sample for data acquisition and/or processing
  • The establishment of digital archives for clients jewellery
  • Customising new pieces against existing pieces eg fitted wedding bands, eternity rings, pendants, brooches etc
  • Combine with a 3D Printer and use the data from a 3D scan to create a prototype
  • Reduction in design costs

The Evolight 3D Scanner provides the user with automatic scanning and easy data acquisition saving time and effort. Open design facilitates cleaning and placement of the models. The Evolight 3D Scanner provides direct STL output which is the standard for all 3D printers for the jewellery industry. Scanning details are high and accuracy can reach 0.01mm.


The Evolight 3D Scanner represents unparalleled value for money and is currently around a third of the cost of it’s closest competitor. At $5,490USD, the Evolight 3D Scanner enables jewellers to incorporate 3D Scanning into their day to day design work. Finance to approved applicants is available via KRW Finance – contact us for more info.


  • Light Source – Structured White Light
  • Light Raster – 1280 x 800p Tax Instrument
  • Cameras – COMS 1.3MP x 2 On-Semi
  • Voltage – 100-240V/60W
  • Lens – 5MP x 2
  • Scan Speed – 2S/Image
  • Scan Accuracy – <10um
  • Light Area – 80 x 60mm
  • Resolution – 0.06mm
  • Data Format – STL
  • Certification – CE/FCC/WEEE CNAS/ISO9001
  • Scanner Footprint – 200 x 250 x 380mm
  • Shipping Weight – 11kg
  • Software – Jewel3D – Fill holes, Smoothen, Mesh Edit
  • nVidia Graphics Card as main GPU
  • Win7 (64bit and Higher)

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