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Reward yourself with tools designed to last a lifetime.

“We are dedicated to helping you pursue your work and your passion for well-made tools that bring pleasure to the task. Our products may feel luxurious to use, but they are never extravagant, as they are designed and made with you and your needs foremost and are made to last a lifetime. Reward yourself for all of your hard work!”

When it comes to quality hand tools, Knew Concepts are certainly at the top of their game.

Over the years, their patented saws have won a number of innovation awards, and just recently their titanium birdcage saw was featured in a paper by a Cambridge University researcher on innovative design.

Knew Concepts is a small American manufacturing company, committed to bringing our passion for quality tools to customers, and to building the best tools they know how to make.

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"The Knew Concepts saw is light as a feather and very well balanced. Blade changes are a snap. This isn’t your average pop-can aluminium either, it’s the high dollar aerospace stuff." - Joe Mendel