Otec Eco-Maxi Disc Finishing Unit – Evotech Pacific

Disc Finishing Units – ECO MAXI series

The modular concept of the ECO-Maxi makes it ideal for small series production. Their high-tech design makes these machines extremely economical, with savings being as much as 60 % compared to the cost of conventional finishing. To cater for specific applications, the ECO-Maxi is available in the versions “magnetic”, “wet” and “dry” and as a flexible all-rounder, the “basic” model.

  • Clean and bright workpiece surfaces completely removes any traces of sanding/grinding and casting skin for perfect results.
  • A surface finish equal in quality to that of manual polishing puts a shine even on inaccessible areas of intricate workpieces and completely removes oxidation discoloration and any residual investment material.
  • Flexible in use – this machine type is the first to use three separate or up to three different finishing processes in a single machine.



The ECO-Maxi basic drive unit is designed to get the best out of all three processes. Depending on the container chosen, a single drive unit can be used for magnetic polishing, wet grinding or dry polishing. This is done by simply attaching the appropriate interchangeable container. To cater for specific applications, the ECO-Maxi “basic” is available either with three containers “wet”, “dry” and “magnetic” or only with the container for magnetic polishing.

Wet grinding obtains perfect results after just 3-4 hours. The use of a special “soft” abrasive medium ensures that the surface of the workpiece does not become hardened – reliably preventing the surface from becoming pitted. The results are the complete removal of any traces of sanding/ grinding and casting and clean, bright workpiece surfaces.

During dry polishing, very fine polishing granulates made from walnut shell ensure a perfect surface finish. Material removal is in the micro range. No damage to diamonds, zirconia or pearls in their settings. Processing time for initial polishing approx. 2-3 hours, for final polishing approx. 30 minutes, giving extremely smooth surfaces and a brilliant shine comparable to that achieved by manual polishing.

standard equipment

  • Speed control via frequency inverter
  • Bayonet fitting for container
  • LCD indicating speed and processing time
  • Automatic container detection
  • 6 l process container for wet finishing including dosing pump and waster water tank
  • 6 l process container for dry finishing
  • 6 l process container for magnetic polishing incl. 200 g rounded stainless steel pins M 4/7 and 1 l compound SC 3