ProLaser Welder Easy – Evotech Pacific



EASY by ProLASER™ is the latest development of LASER Technology for Table-Top Manual LASER Welders.

It’s designed for High-Precision, High-Power and Heavy-Duty applications, with special attention to precious metal processing.

EASY is powered by a LASER Generator made originally for the CHAIN MAKING Industry where perfect stability even at high speed, high power, complete reliability and long-life components are essential features to succeed in a field where machines are taken to their limits and there is no space for compromises.

Last but not the least, the machine is beautiful to look at and work with.
In the end, the look matters too…!


User interface

As standard feature, EASY is equipped with a wide 10” LCD Full-HD Touch Screen which allows to read and set the parameters comfortably.

The User Interface is studied to show, at first sight, all the essential information about Working Parameters and Status of the machine.

A deep Sub-Menu, then, allows the dynamic control of the System and its Settings.

All the working parameters can be set and managed either via Touch Screen or via the Joystick located inside the welding chamber.

The welding procedures can be followed through the LEICA stereomicroscope which allows a clear vision that facilitates all the tasks. The super wide 10″ LCD Full-HD Touch Screen can be used to display the images captured by the embedded camera for a magnified view of the objects to be processed and their details.


ECS - Embedded Camera System

Every EASY is equipped, as standard configuration, with the so-called “EMBEDDED CAMERA SYSTEM”.

The images captured by the HD-CAMERA (set co-axial to the microscope) are displayed on the 10” LCD Full- HD Touch Screen.

With the help of the “CAMERA” dedicated menu, where all the Working Parameters are always displayed on the side of the screen, the software allows to shoot Pictures and short Videos of your welding session.

Furthermore, the ZOOM function of the “ECS” allows 20x and 40x Digital magnification of the live images, so to grant the best vision even on small and tiny objects.



Since the early beginning of the LASER technology for welding, the stereomicroscope has been the inseparable companion for all those who have worked with a manual LASER welder.

ProLASER, aimed to provide uniquely top-quality products, for its range of products offers only LEICA stereomicroscopes as standard setup.

Undeniably, though, technology runs fast.. and nowadays the alternative to stereomicroscope is not hard to find.

Vision Engineering, a U.K. based company, has developed an advanced eyepiece-less stereomicroscope capable to offer a stunning High-Resolution 3D stereo viewing, the “Lynx EVO”.

ProLASER, in cooperation with Vision Engineering, made possible to adapt the Lynx EVO onto EASY, as a native configuration, to be installed in alternative to the LEICA standard stereomicroscope.


Tailored to your Needs

Years of experience in the LASER field taught us a clear lesson: the key point for High-Productivity, besides top technical features of the system, is the often under-esteemed “comfortable and ergonomic working position”.

With 48.5 centimeter between the elbow-line and the eye-line, the operator’s working position will be comfortable, relaxed and his back will be straight.

A better working position will help to reduce shoulder and muscle strain, promote concentration and make the work more enjoyable.

The 38° inclination of the microscope is as such to allow the operator’s neck to stand longer sessions thanks to a more comfortable working position.

Besides a High-Quality LEICA microscope, a key role for avoiding eye’s tiredness is played by the illuminating system.
EASY is equipped with a warm colored, dimmable and no-flickering LED illuminating system.



In order to stand even the heaviest duty-cycle or to work in the hottest working space, EASY is equipped with a DUAL-RADIATOR Cooling System which is designed to face 24h / 7d work sessions, in any environment, with no interruption.

Sustained by a 6-liters liquid tank, powered by a High-Efficiency water pump, cooled by 2 High-Speed fans (whose speed is digitally controlled according to the temperature) the DUAL-RADIATOR Cooling System of EASY does not require the help of any external chiller. Not at all..!

The system, originally designed for industrial applications, is perfectly sized to stand even the most intense working session, in the hottest working environment, no matter what metal is processed, with no interruption.

The performance of EASY’s Cooling System reflects the nature of EASY, namely being a machine made for working Non- Stop.