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Jewellery Laser Engraving Machines -

How Do They Work?

Laser engraving is performed by optically amplifying a beam of light to deliver energy to the surface of the material being cut, with a large percentage of the light energy being converted into heat. The laser uses this high heat to efficiently vaporise portions of the material. Lasers are capable of cutting crisp, sharp lines at very specific depths, and they can even be used to cut intricate shapes in hard materials like sheet metal. Laser engraving is much faster than traditional engraving methods and has a much higher degree of accuracy and fine detail.

Designs are delivered to the laser engraver via computer, so the possibilities are nearly endless. With laser engraving, finer line widths are possible because there are no burs or bits doing the engraving, eliminating the need to replace consumables like burs in rotary engraving.

Laser engravers are probably the most versatile when it comes to the types of materials they can engrave. Fibre lasers can engrave hard materials (such as ceramic and metal). Laser engraving can also be used with certain semi-precious stones and gemstones due to its precision and low risk of damage to the materials.

L3 Magic Jewellery Laser Engraver

Evotech Pacific has been appointed the sole dealers for the Red Technology L3 Magic Jewellery Laser Engravers for Australia and New Zealand.

These compact and powerful laser engravers are user friendly and can engrave the following:

  • Inside/outside rings/bangles
  • Photographs
  • Images/logos

The 60 and 100W L3 Laser Engravers can also cut sheet.

L3 is a laser marking and cutting machine especially made for
jewellery, to help jewellers utilise laser machines quickly and
easily for their jewellery work. It has been developed by listening
to the experiences of many jewellers and their specific demands
regarding laser machines. Our main goal in the L3 development
process was to offer an easy, fast, and convenient method of
performing laser related jewellery work that is accessible to
anyone, even novices. This goal has been achieved through our
automated features, simplicity of software, powerful performance,
and intuitive design for using the machine.
This 3rd-generation laser marking machine, L3, is mainly used
at jewellery workshops to mark and produce jewellery products
but is also very useful for performing marking services at
jewellery retail stores, thanks to its compact and modern
design, low noise operation and small footprint.

L3 Magic Laser Engravers include the powerful MagicArt7 Engraving software which is easy and intuitive for both jewellers and sales team members to use and have a small footprint (404mm W x 556mm H x 590mm D) suitable for small workshops and retail areas.  The L3 Magic is available in a range of power options as follows:

  • 20W
  • 30W
  • 60W
  • 100W


  • Black & white marking
  • Color marking
  • Photo marking
  • Cutting
  • Deep engraving
  • Cleaning


  • Designed for jewellery
  • Black, white and Colour marking
  • Camera positioning and auto focusing
  • 60W/100W high power cutting
  • Load-N- Go docking station
  • Quiet operation thanks to adaptive
    cooling system
  • Easy and quick change between
    pendant and ring modes


  • Medal clamp
  • Auto tilt rotary clamp
  • L-type clamp
  • Anti-curling clamp
  • Honeycomb table
  • Blower set


Compact Fiber Laser Marking Machine

MAGIC-L2 is an compact, exceptional, third-generation laser marking machine Redt has developed. It is built and designed for easy use as it features various user-friendly functions. it is fully automated, innovative, high-performing, and produces precise, high-quality markings. It is compact in size with a minimal yet modern design. It perfectly suits any workshops/workrooms as it is light and easy to install.

  • Designed for Jewellery Marking
    L2 is a fiber laser marking machine specialized for the jewellery industry which enables fine and complicated marking easily and conveniently.

  • Small but Versatile
    L2 is compact in size yet it provides versatile functions. It is built with a high-performing laser source (with adjustable output) which allows the use of the machine for various marking purposes that includes black and white marking and curved surface marking. 

  • Perfectly Fits Any Space
    L2’s compact size allows easy installation of the machine at any work spaces. It comes in a size of a laser printer yet it offers a variety of features for easy and fast marking!

Price Guide

L2 Laser Engraver – $10,100USD

L3 Magic 20W Laser Engraver – $14,000USD

L3 Magic 30W Laser Engraver – $14,750USD

L3 Magic 60W Laser Engraver – $20,550USD

L3 Magic 100W Laser Engraver – $25,250USD

Medal Clamp – $300USD

Medal Clamp – Centre Fixing Type – $250USD

Rotary Clamp – $800USD

Honeycomb Table – $80USD

L-Type Clamp – $250USD

Anti-Curling Clamp – $300USD

Blower Set – $180USD

*NB – All prices are in $USD and include international freight to our facility in Australia – local freight from our door to your door and GST are not included. Prices are subject to change at any stage without warning. Final invoicing will reflect the Australian currency rate of the day of invoice.

All prices quoted ex GST/Local Freight

Finance to approved applicants is available via KRW Finance – contact us for more info.