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Asiga have appointed Evotech Pacific as official resellers of the Asiga range of 3D printers and accessories for Australia.

As the creators of precision desktop 3D printers, Asiga, continue to offer precision, high quality surface finish and product innovations which have been design to outperform many other 3D printers in a higher price range.

About Asiga

In 2011, Asiga launched the world’s first LED based DLP 3D printer and started the affordable desktop stereolithography revolution which changed digital manufacturing forever.

Asiga won MJSA’s 2012 Thinking Ahead Awards for best new technology and gained international recognition for the innovations contained within the Pico and Pro platforms that continue to lead their respective categories to this day.

Asiga designs and manufactures all products at its Sydney headquarters. Asiga’s in house mechanical, electronics, software and materials team ensures a high and constant level of innovation and product development and improvement.


Asiga currently have three models available for the jewellery market as follows;

Asiga PRO2

The PRO2 is the perfect machine for large format jewellery production, and is a professional 3D printer for the direct manufacturing of jewellery casting patterns and master models. Being the largest system in our range, the PRO2 is ideal for companies which require a higher throughput. Print up to 100 parts in approximately 4 hours^

Asiga Pico2HD

The Pico2HD delivers extraordinary resolution and build capacity to your desktop. This machine is ideal for the production of jewellery casting patterns and master models with a build envelope large enough to print bangles and larger items. Print up to 30 parts in less than an hour^

Asiga Pico2

Leading the way in desktop resolution. Realise your CAD designs quickly with the Pico2, the industry leading desktop printer for direct production of jewellery casting patterns and master models. Print up to 20 parts in less than an hour^

^Dependant on resin used and Z axis resolution selected.

The Asiga range of 3D printers are user friendly and easy to set up. A copy of the Composer software accompanies all Asiga 3D printers, and Asiga offer free and lifetime technical support for the Asiga range of 3D printers.

Contact Evotech Pacific to connect with us and find out how we can help you to revolutionize your production with the Asiga range of 3D printing products and accessories.

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