Sydney Powerhouse Museum 

24th – 25th August 2018

Jewellery Technology Symposium

Evotech Pacific is very proud to announce the 2018 Jewellery Tech Symposium.
In previous years, we have held a Master Class which primarily catered for Matrix users from around Australia, New Zealand and surrounding countries coinciding with the International Jewellery Fair held in Sydney.
This time, we have decided to include guest lecturers from not only Gemvision, but also from Turkey and Spain, discussing other topics in detail, along with demonstrations of Gemvision software solutions, 3D Printing discussions and demonstrations from Asiga and other technology companies who specialise within the jewellery industry.

Where – The Learning Centre, Power House Museum, Sydney
When – Session 1 – 8am – 12pm – Friday 24 August
Session 2 – 1pm – 5pm – Friday 24 August
Session 3 – 8am – 12pm – Saturday 25 August
Session 4 – 1pm – 5pm – Saturday 25 August

The Powerhouse Museum

Special Guest Lecturers

Our international special guest lecturers are looking forward to 
meeting you and sharing their knowledge about the jewellery technologies that they use and to help you benefit from their
experience and knowledge.

Find out more information about our guests below and book your position at the jewellery technology symposium today!

Kent West


Kent worked at Gemvision from August of 1995 until March of 2018.  During that time he helped develop the various software and hardware offerings that Gemvision produced. This includes Digital Goldsmith, CounterSketch and Matrix.  He also helped develop the Revo mill line and various camera systems that Gemvision sold over the years.

During Kent’s tenure over the years at Gemvision he served many roles, such as Support manager (for all software products) technical writer (DG and Matrix), instructor (all software and Revo), product manager (Matrix) and other roles like modeling and rendering for internal projects.

Kent is now a freelance consultant and CAD modeler for the jewelry industry.  He lives in Bettendorf Iowa.

Matt Bennett

Matrix & Countersketch


Matt got his start with jewelry in 2002, just as 3D design was emerging in the industry. For the next 8 years, he was responsible for the design and machining of custom pieces for a large volume retail store in North Carolina. Along the way, he helped build one of the industry’s first, and leading CAD/CAM service bureaus. With experience in multiple software and hardware solutions, Matt has become an authority on technology within the jewelry community. Rooted in a foundation of multiple CAD software solutions, 3D printers, and CNC machines, Matt began working as a freelance product developer and instructor for Gemvision around 2004. In 2010, Matt made the transition from the retail space, into working for GV full time. As a member of the Special Projects team, Matt helped develop products throughout Stuller and Gemvision. In January of 2018, Matt became the Gemvision Sales and Training Director, and is still an active part of product development for a variety of Stuller and Gemvision offerings.

Mehmet Pekin



I studied sculpting at The University of Fine Arts in Istanbul, Turkey.
My first job was at a jewellery factory as a sketch artist and goldsmith. Eventually, the factory started to use 3D printers for casting. In turn, we needed a jewellery modelling software to operate these printers.
At that time, we had two choices: JewelCAD or Matrix.
I was a JewelCAD user for the factory until 2004, when I learnt Matrix V4 and found the interface to be much more useful. I decided to improve my skills with Matrix.
Later, with the necessity of organic jewellery designs, I started to combine Matrix with Zbrush. Initially, converting the native file types between the programs was quite difficult.
The introduction of the Clayoo plugin solved the problem so now there’s no need for me to use additional software.
Currently, I am an educator in a university in Istanbul and also work as an educator in a jewellery equipment selling company called Piramit. On top of this, I provide contract design work for international clients.
My experience with the Matrix software has also enabled me to win many jewellery design awards including the coveted and well respected De Beers Jewellery Design Award.
I love nature ,reptiles and cats and enjoy bike and extreme sports.

s, such as Support manager (for all software products) technical writer (DG and Matrix), instructor (all software and Revo), product manager (Matrix) and other roles like modeling and rendering for internal projects.

Kent is now a freelance consultant and CAD modeler for the jewelry industry.  He lives in Bettendorf Iowa.

Nacho Riesco



Currently living in Ribadeo, Spain
I’m a digital sculptor from Spain focused on Organic Jewellery Designs.
My background knowledge comes from artistic fields, quite different from jewellery, as illustration and painting, first on traditional media and later in digital media.
My first approach into 3D was directly with Zbrush twelve years ago. From that point decided to change from pixels to polygons. In the beginning I started making lots of character design, which is the first field that you get when you start with the software.
Zbrush is my main tool, from concept to final product. I don’t use any external CAD software, so I have been developing all the ZBrush software’s potential to apply it into jewellery design.
Nowadays my main incoming work is jewellery design work, commissions from jewellers, brands and workshops from all around the world. My jewellery knowledge comes from my clients, putting my artistic skills on each piece of jewellery.
I have also provided Zbrush training for jewellers for four years, always trying to combine the outputs from the existing CAD software with Zbrush because most of my students already work with such kind of tools.

Multi-ticket packages

Package Tutorials

Save yourself some money by purchasing the package deal and make the very most from our visiting international guests.

Special  Tutorials Sunday

1 on 1 Tutorials

Where – Yurra Room, The Grace Hotel, York Street Sydney

Book some quality time with your preferred lecturer and get the personalised attention to some of the big questions you may have.
Bookings are conducted over a 1 hour period throughout the day and are priced at $250 per hour. Visit the link below to book your time online!

Suppliers demonstrations

Not only do we have some of the best minds discussing their knowledge at the Jewellery Tech Symposium,
but we also have some of the most forward thinking suppliers of technology and services to the industry.
These suppliers will be demonstrating their products at the Symposium – be sure to check it out!

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