3D Scanners are fast becoming the next tech tool for jewellers who already utilise 3D products such as CAD and 3D printers.  Some of the advantages of 3D scanners for jewellers include;

  • Reverse engineering of a physical sample for digital acquisition and/or processing.
  • The establishment of digital archives for client jewellery
  • Customising new pieces against existing pieces eg fitted wedding bands, eternity rings, pendants, brooches etc
  • Combined with a 3D printer, use the data from a 3D scan to create a prototype
  • Reduction in design costs

Thunk3D 3D Jewellery Scanner provides the user with automatic scanning and easy data
acquisition with one key, saving time and effort.
Open design facilitates cleaning and placement of models.  This Scanner provides direct STL output which is the industry standard for all 3D printers for the jewellery industry.  Scanning details are high, and the accuracy can reach 0.01mm.

About Thunk3D

Thunk3D was established in 2008 as a dedicated 3D scanning device manufacturer, and concentrate on the 3D scanning industry.  Their research and development focus on scan speed and high accuracy, based on user needs.
With an image lab and efficient R&D team, initial results were achieved in
image processing, stereo-vision, 3D reconstruction, and intelligent classification, and as a result, Thunk3D have 4 software copyrights and have released desktop SL scanners, handheld IR scanners, foot scanners, industrial SL 3D scannesr, laser scanners and handheld SL scanners, all of which passed CE, FCC, WEEE, CNAS certification and enjoy a high
reputation playing the leading role in education, dental, research, art, and industry
scanning fields.

After over a decade in effort, Thunk3D’s R&D team concentrate on simplifying functions whilst enlarging it’s user base.  Thus far,  Thunk3D Cooper and Thunk3D Fisher represent up to 70% of the market for desktop and handheld 3D Scanners, all while being able to provide users with a competitive price advantage.

Thunk3D continue to focus on high-standard scanning systems, custom models, and making consumer 3d scanners more portable and user friendly.
Thunk3D, only for 3D scanning!


Light resource: Structure white
lightRaster: 1280*800p Tax Instrument
Camera: COMS 1.3MP*2 On-Semi
Voltage: 100-240V/60W
Lens: 5MP*2
Scan speed: 2S/image
SF Accuracy: <10um
Light Area: 80*60mm
Resolution: 0.06mm
Data format: AC/STL
PC Require: Nvidia as main GPU; Win7 (64) and higher;
Certification: CE/FCC/WEEE/CNAS/ISO9001
Scanner size: 20*25*38cm
Net weight/shipping weight: 2.83kg/5.42kg
Software: Fill holes; Smoothen
Advantages: Scan small objects in high resolution,accuracy preference

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