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The Evotech Pacific Support Forum is where all support tickets can be uploaded, along with your files and images for our team to view and assist.  The Support Forum contains videos, files and resources to support the various programs and hardware that we represent.

Your purchase of an initial Matrix licence includes 12 months of complimentary access to the Support Forum.  If your initial complimentary support has expired, contact us to renew your support for a further 12 months.

Support Forum

Our events and training calendar shows the latest events and training dates as well as allowing you to book your place online conveniently!

Events & Tickets

The Evotech Pacific Youtube channel hosts tutorial videos and promotional videos related to our company, website and the programs that we support. Subscribe today!

Evotech Channel

The Evotech Designers Marketplace is the area that you can either find professional designers to work with or register yourself as a designer. Regular job posts and listings are at the Evotech Marketplace, take a look today!

Designers Marketplace

Evotech Pacific Online

Welcome to Evotech Pacific where you will find professional solutions, tools and technology to assist you navigate through the jewellery industry successfully.