If the recent global Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that online learning platforms are the new norm. We created Epacquire out of a need for clients to gain easier access to training without the need to leave their own homes or have the need to travel to a different state/country in order to complete training and enrich their skill set.

However, Epacquire has a few benefits that other platforms do not have. Firstly, there are no start up, monthly or annual fees like other platforms have. Tutorials are either free or are priced individually, either as individual lessons or as part of a series. You simply select the tutorial relevant to you, and purchase it.

Epacquire doesn’t give you only 12 months of access to it’s lessons either. If you purchase a lesson, you have lifetime access to it. Revisit it whenever you feel the need to.

Epacquire also allows you to contribute to it’s data base of tutorials and get paid for your expertise. Upload your content for free, and only pay a small commission when your tutorial sells – no other fees to pay.

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