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Evotech Pacific can provide jewellers with access to cutting edge technology, ensuring that our standards of efficiency and communication remain high and maintaining our reputation as a well respected company in the Australian Jewellery Industry.


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Search your local community and find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily with the Evotech Pacific Directory.

You can also add your business or claim your already existing company online. Each claimed listing comes with a user dashboard, access to promotional and marketing tools as well as the ability to use the vendors e-commerce stores for your stock.

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The Evotech Marketplace provides an online community where you can find designers and services to create for you, as well as create your own portfolio and source jobs from the industry easily and efficiently. Sign up for a free profile today!


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Your membership to Evotech Pacific will give you access to exclusive video tutorials, online courses and more. Evotech Pacific events will also be available online after the events and members only material accessible anytime, anywhere! 

Jewellery Technology Symposium
Videos and online courses will be made available soon!

(Ticket holders for the symposium will have the courses added automatically to their accounts once they are completed!)


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Access to your account is easy with the Evotech Members card! Your listings, account information, previous purchases, invoices and access to video tutorials, tickets and more can all be contained in your Evotech Pacific Member card. 

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The Evotech Support forums are where you can find fast, up to date support and tutorials for all of the products that we endorse here at Evotech Pacific. Visit the forums today.

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With this many features on the one website, we think you might need a bit of a roadmap to help you along the way, check out our FAQ section if you have any questions and if you cant find what you are looking for there, then get in touch with us via our contact page! 

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